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About Us.

We are the B's

Our names are Brandy and Brielle, and we are the owners of Off The Route Events.  After almost nine years of working in the medical field, we decided it was time for a career path change toward something we both enjoy doing ! We pursued this business with the expectation of fulfilling all party needs in the tri-state area., or further. Providing quality service in every drink poured, moment captured, and every balloon blown up.

We met in middle school science class, in Warren County, New Jersey. We graduated high school together and have grown together into parents of two beautiful kids each. We have celebrated our birthdays together since our early 20’s, and now get to decorate for our kids, which really put it into perspective that we love the whole idea of planning parties, and why not add a mobile bar !? From celebrating parties for our kids decorating inside and out, to DIY Halloween costumes, using circuits and DIY crafts, we've done it all !

We experienced our fair share of partying, and now we want to bring the full party experience to you and your guests.
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